Before We Inspect

Leave the Utilities Connected.

Without utilities, the inspector will need to reschedule, which could delay the closing of your transaction.

Provide Workspace Around Furnace and Water Heaters.

The inspector will need three to four feet of working space to inspect these items.

Organize Any Closets That Are Access Points to Your Attic Or Crawl Space.

Without access to these areas the inspector may need to re-schedule to inspect these areas at a later date and for an additional fee.

Keep Pilot Lights Ignited.

If your pilot lights are not lit, then important items such as the water heater, gas stove, or furnace will not be inspected.

Leave Remotes for Garage Door, Ceiling Fans, Lights, etc.

If remotes are not available for these items, some features may not be tested.

Remove Dishes from The Sink and Dishwasher.

The dishwasher can not be tested if dishes are present and sinks can not be properly inspected for proper drainage and leaks when dishes are left in sinks.

Take Laundry Out of the Washer and Dryer.

All laundry should be removed from the washer and dryer for the inspector to perform a proper inspection.

Have any New Appliances Ready to Be Tested Including Washers, Dryers, Stoves/Ovens and Dish Washers.

Remove any tags, plastic or other items from new appliances that would prevent normal testing.

Prepare to Be Away for Three Hours Minimum.

Many inspections can take up to three hours to complete.

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